Let's Name This Gluten Disease


Gluten Free, Gluten Zero, or No Gluten...what shall we call this disease?  Or is it a condition or syndrome?  I strongly believe that gluten sensitivity needs a proper name.  It is confusing to all of us who are gluten sensitive or intolerant to gluten or titled "non-celiac gluten sensitive."  It is different from Celiac Disease and can be devastating and destructive to one's health.  I believe it would be better recognized and respected if there were a simple name that was adopted by the medical community.

I suggest the name be "Ford's Disease."  Dr. Rodney Ford is a gastroenterologist and pediatrician who has been practicing for over 30 years.  He is a pioneer in the research and understanding of how gluten from wheat, barley, and rye makes people sick.  Dr. Ford listens to his patients and tests for gluten sensitivity.  His findings and practices are making people well.  It will take some time for the word to spread and for doctors to start educating themselves about a newly discovered disease.  It is time to start paying attention.

One thing is for sure...people don't like change. Let's make it easier by calling this disease a specific name:  Ford's Disease.

Start sharing your stories with others.  We are on the edge of a revolutionary way of eating.  

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