Welcome to My Gluten-Free Space

 welcome to my gluten-free space

Finally!  This is my first post.  It has been ten months since I was diagnosed with gluten sensitivity.  Ever since then I've wanted to start a site where I could share my stories.  I believe the proof is in the personal stories.  

Three days after I stopped eating gluten I realized that I was breathing clearly and easily through my nose.  I could actually feel cool air on my throat.  This was a new sensation to me.  I kept taking deep breaths in through my nose as if I were alive for the first time.  Then a week without gluten and I realized that my brain was operating differently.  I could think clearly and remember things.  As the days slipped by, I realized that I had been in a brain fog for my entire life!  What?!  Was this really possible?  If I hadn't experienced this myself, I never would have believed it.  

You see, I always knew that I was bright but deep inside I secretly knew I had a difficult time concentrating.  I literally felt some sort of density in the front of my brain.  I remember rubbing my forehead trying to make things clearer.  Little did I know that the front of my brain was actually lacking blood flow.  MRIs have been done on individuals who are gluten sensitive proving this lack of blood flow, thus the classic brain fog.  Now, after months without any gluten in my diet, my brain fog has disappeared.  I have read more books in the last ten months than I've read in my life!  I can now remember how to spell the word I just looked up in the dictionary without having to recheck it numerous times to commit it to memory.  I now realize that my limitations were connected to gluten.  I never would have believed it unless I experienced it myself and read about others in similar situations.  

The brain fog is just the tip of the iceberg.  I hope you will come back to this site to learn more about other symptoms that have disappeared.

I have included in this site a Resources page.  Please see the list of books that will be supportive of  YOUR personal stories that relate to gluten.  

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