Sleeping Better on Gluten-Free Diet

My daughter gave up eating gluten at the age of 8.  She had a lab test after my diagnosis, and her results were also positive.  Gluten sensitivity runs in our family.  

 sleep and gluten

Ever since my little one was a baby, she had a very difficult time falling asleep. She just couldn't settle down.  A few weeks after leaving gluten behind, her 3rd grade teacher asked how things were going being "gluten free."  My daughter's response was "Oh, it is much easier to pay attention in class, my behavior has improved, and I'm able to fall asleep when it's bedtime."  

Wow!  I felt so happy.  I had no idea that she had noticed a difference in her sleep patterns.  This was a new symptom to me.  I always thought that I was doing something wrong as a mother because my daughter took over an hour to fall asleep. It had become a struggle.  I knew that if she didn't get enough sleep that she would be quite cranky the next day.  We had many days filled with intense behavior, and my only offense was to be sure she had enough sleep.  The full amount of sleep was always rare.

My mother, who is in her 70s, has also left gluten in the dust.  Again, being that gluten sensitivity can be genetic, my mom was tested after my diagnosis.  Sure enough, she is also gluten sensitive...think of that...3 generations...child, mother, and grandmother.  Several weeks after no gluten, my mom also experienced a difference in her sleep.  She was astonished because for the first time in her life she was able to lay down and fall asleep easily at night.  Family and friends recall when my mom was a child she had the hardest time falling asleep.  

What a relief for my mom and daughter.  Just think of how many years they have combined of trying to fall asleep.  Our household evenings are no longer run by gluten!  :) 

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