Gluten and Eczema

 eczema and gluten

I had dreadful eczema on my legs as a child.  I remember the stinging, itching, and raw sensations.  The ultimate relief was dipping into a cool Maine lake but that remedy was only possible during the summer.  I felt embarrassed by the large red spots.  I was a cheerleader and so self-conscious.  The only medical treatment back then was dabbing mineral oil on the sores.  Little did we know that if I stopped eating the “healthy” wheatgerm and homemade whole wheat bread, the eczema would vanish.

As an adult I had recurrent eczema on my eyelid and then on my hands.  The doctors misdiagnosed it as a staph infection.  When the antibiotics didn’t work, the conclusion was eczema...again.  The treatment was topical steroids to heal the angry wounds.  

Well, it has been one year without eating gluten/wheat, and my skin is clear and soft for the first time in my more blotches of flaring sores.  The explanation from my physicians over the years was that I just had sensitive skin.  I now know it was because my insides were inflamed as my immune system fought off the gluten/wheat.

If you suffer from eczema, consider gluten a possible culprit.


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