Favorite Gluten Free Cupcakes

Our family's favorite fancy gluten free cupcakes are Kara's Cupcakes.  A few weeks after I was diagnosed my friend told me I must go to Kara's and have a treat.  I walked into this sheik store front and was looped by the smell of confection churning behind the decorated counter.  I eyed the glass dome guarding the select few cupcakes next to a gluten free sign.  Not just one flavor but several options!  I chose the chocolate.  It was deliciously rich, tender with a sweet crumb, and overwhelmingly satisfying.

I thought my pastry days were over but the discovery of Kara's gave me a spring in my step and hope for better tastes to come.  I buy a few cupcakes at a time and keep them in the freezer for my daughter to take one when she is invited to a birthday party.  The tiny cakes look as special as a piece of birthday cake so she doesn't feel left out.  

What are your favorite gluten free cupcakes? 


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