Gluten - Leg, Joint, and Body Aches

Leg pains, joint pains, and body aches are common symptoms of gluten sensitivity.  It took me 44 years to figure this out.  I remember complaining to my mom when I was young about my legs.  They ached terribly and sometimes just wouldn’t work.  Mom responded with a sympathetic smile and blamed it on typical growing pains.  

Decades later I was faced with the same persistent complaint from my daughter as she climbed up the ladder to her loft.  I told her confidently the same thing my mom had said years was growing pains.  I didn’t make the connection to gluten until we were diagnosed with gluten sensitivity and possible celiac disease.  

Over the years I had battled chronic tendonitis in my arms which was exacerbated by repetitive use.  I took loads of anti-inflammatory drugs, did physical therapy with years of icing, changed careers, and yet the pain was still always with me.  I would drop drinking glasses without hands just wouldn’t work.  When my daughter was born, my forearms were at their worst.  She only weighed a little over 5 pounds, but the new physical routine of caring for an infant was excruciating.  

A few years ago I took a jazzercise class three times a week and was constantly sore.  I just assumed I was a wimp and that it was normal.  But my body aches were all over and made me wince and limp as I walked.  I wasn't that out of shape! It was difficult to raise my arms to get dressed without pain.  

Lo and behold, a few months after I stopped eating gluten, all of my body aches stopped!  I now live a life without leg, joint, and body aches.  I happily exercise, garden, and type without pain.  My daughter doesn't complain of leg aches anymore either.  How wonderful for her to discover this so early in life.  Good years ahead!

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