I got glutened!


Picture this...we arrive at our dear friend's home for Christmas dinner, turkey is ready to carve, and all precautions have been graciously taken to accommodate our family's need for a gluten-free meal.  And what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a box of chicken stock used to moisten that gloriously golden bird.  I looked at the ingredients and didn't see anything suspicious (except it didn't say gluten free).  I made an immediate decision to risk it.  After all, we were guests surrounded by our closest friends, and I felt as if there were a forcefield of love protecting me.

Fast forward to 1:15am and I realize that I've been glutened.  I'm violently throwing up. Ugh!  I'm frustrated, exhausted, and angry at being weak to this vile substance.

It has now been 36 hours since I was glutened.  Today I have the energy to share with you.  Beware of unqualified chicken stock.  

The photo above represents the "gluten puzzle."  Gluten intolerance is a multi-dimensional syndrome or disease.  I will keep sharing my experiences in hopes that the puzzle is solved for others.

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